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Morningstar ETFInvestor scans the globe for promising investment opportunities. Editor Bryan Armour and Morningstar’s team of ETF analysts highlight insightful academic and practitioner research and serve up actionable investment ideas to put those insights into practice.

Monthly Issues
Every issue contains our editor's analysis of ETFInvestor's model portfolios, commentary and research on the investment issues of the day, and performance updates on our ETF coverage universe. In addition, Morningstar's deep analyst bench will provide detailed analysis of individual exchange-traded funds and market segments.

Our Strategy in Action
ETFInvestor takes a long view, casting our analysis back many decades and over many different countries, and seeks to understand drivers of excess returns that have existed in those varied environments. One of the universal results is that high-yielding assets outperform over the long haul, but not at all times and all environments.

Our editor applies this strategy in ETFInvestor’s model portfolios.

The Basic Portfolio harnesses the market’s collective wisdom with ultra-low-cost funds and is the baseline portfolio against which the three other portfolios will be compared.

The Defensive Portfolio aims to provide lower volatility, better downside protection, and better risk-adjusted performance than the basic portfolio over the long-term.

The Factor Portfolio is designed to earn higher returns than the basic portfolio over the long-term.

The Income Portfolio attempts to earn a higher distribution yield than the basic portfolio, without taking a lot more risk.

The ESG Portfolio targets firms with strong corporate governance and sustainable environmental and social practices, while offering competitive returns and similar risk to the basic portfolio.

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